World Water Day – Aquaponic Workshop by IIC of AVMCH

In the event of World Water Day, AQUAPONIC workshop was conducted by the Institutional Innovation Council of AVMC led by Dr. Vishnu Bhat Director of Medical Research, with the support of Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean, AVMC.  Dr. Pushpa Kotur Convener, IIC, AVMC arranged the workshop for the students on 22.03.2022 at Ganesan Hall resourced by Major. Ved Prakash Sharma co-founder, CEO, Gratitude farmer in order to understand the concept of Aquaponic, a combination of words with aquaculture and hydroponics.  Here nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia into nitrates. Aquaponics is a method of raising fish and vegetables at the same time. This system is popular with entrepreneurs, educators, individuals, etc. This type of farming is used to produce large quantities of food with less water, labor, and land. Here the farmer can grow crops along with fish, crayfish, snails, or prawns in the tank and earn profit through selling both the products (Fish and plants) in the market. The farmers use only 1/10 of the water that the soil garden and can’t use harmful pesticides as they are harmful to the fishes. The farmers use NFT, Media bed, and DWC for their yielding process. This system benefits by producing healthier and organic vegetables and won’t experience soil-borne diseases. Through his narration, students gained awareness and he penetrated the interest in aquaponic farming among the students and faculty.