uganda visit

Ambassador for India, the Republic of Uganda visits AVMC

AVMCH was honoured and felt privileged in welcoming Her Excellency Dr Dinah Grace Akello, Ambassador for India, the Republic of Uganda, on 05.03.2022.  The Excellency was received by the Chancellor Dr A.S. Ganeshan, VMRF (DU), Dr Anuradha Ganeshan Director, VMRF, J. Samuel Suresh Member, BoM, VMRF, Dr P.F. Kotur, Dean, AVMC, Dr V.N. Mahalakshmi Dean HPE, AVMC, HOIs and HODs AVMC.  The Ambassador was treated with appetisers.  As a pride of her visit, she planted Tree in front of the Mini Auditorium to enhance the ecology of the environment of AVMC Campus.

As a part of the visit, a programme was scheduled to treat Her Excellency; Dr V.N. Mahalakshmi, master of ceremony, introduced the dignitaries. From then on, the program was organised.  A student of second-year MBBS sang a song as a start.  Thanking the god for the moment was begun with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries to worship the sacredness of earthly form, the plant Tulsi was watered. To enhance our culture and customs, the student of AVMC performed to highlight the occasion. Dr P.F. Kotur, Dean, AVMC civility to welcome address and presented a PPT on Campus Profile. To gracious the event, the dignitaries were delighted with mementoes. Dr Abdul Kani, the Green man of India, was also honoured. Her Excellency Hon’ble Dinah Grace Akello gave her keynote address by stating that “Indian women are strong and declared that the Republic of Uganda is ready to have Collaboration”.  Dr A.S. Ganesh Hon’ble Chancellor, VMRF (DU), remarked that “everything persisted will be followed, and Collaboration will be continued as such”.

To explore the areas for collaboration Dr Vishnu Bhat Director, Medicine addressed on Research, Dr Lakshmi Jatiya HOD, Physiology on Yoga collaboration and Dr N.D. Rajan Principal of Audio therapy on Speech Therapy.  During the student’s interaction with Her Excellency, the student asked the excellency to advise the young generation for prudent. J. Suresh Samuel, in respect, thanked the dignitaries for a visit. The National Anthem of India, followed by the National Anthem of the Republic of Uganda, was sung to end the occasion.  To end up, a photo session with the faculty took place.