first place in VMRF tournament

A big round of applause for our amazing institution staff

Cheers to the victorious institution staff! Your outstanding performance in the inter-college tournament reflects your dedication, skill, and the true essence of teamwork. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement – you are the pride of our institution.!

To nurture a sense of camaraderie and promote a positive competitive atmosphere among the VMRF – DU staff, a suggestion was made to host the “VMRF-DU Inter College Staff Tournaments for 2023-2024” in Salem. The initiative saw active and keen involvement from staff members representing all colleges affiliated with VMRF – DU. The tournament encompassed a diverse range of sports, such as Badminton, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Throwball, and Tennikoit.

Our dedicated staff actively engaged in the tournament, delivering an outstanding performance. Notably, the football team, comprising Dr. Navin Puttum, Dr. Sathish Kumar, Mr. Kaviraj, Mr. Jaganathan, Mr. Vidjeacoumar, Mr. Abiman, and Mr. Manivannan, exhibited tremendous teamwork, securing the coveted first place.

In the realm of table tennis, Dr. Karthick, Dr. Balaji, and Mr. Jaganathan showcased their skills, earning a commendable second place.

The women’s badminton team, led by Ms. Gowsalya, Ms. Muthazhagi, and Ms. Sivakuenkue, delivered an exceptional performance, clinching a well-deserved second place. These achievements reflect the dedication and talent of our staff, contributing to the vibrant sports culture at VMRF – DU.

On behalf of the management, we express our gratitude to the AVMC Cricket Staff Team for securing the prizes in the VMRF-DU Inter-Collegiate Staff Tournaments.