Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched "Fit India Movement" in a colourful ceremony on National Sports Day, the birth anniversary of Hockey Wizard, Major Dhyan Chand at a special programme at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi on 29th August 2019,Thursday. He said "This initiative is the need of the hour and will take the country towards a healthier future." The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to include physical activity and sports in their daily routine.

Some of the highlights of Modiji's address during launch of "Fit India Movement" are:

*   Fit mind in a fit body is important

*    Fitness mission not a government movement. The government only aims to act as a catalyst

*    PM Modi hails sports star Dhyan Chand.

*    Body FIT HAI toh MIND HIT HAI

*   Sports has direct connection with fitness. Fitness is necessary for a healthy life.

*   Zero percent investment with infinite returns.

*   "It has become fashionable to talk about fitness rather act  on it. 

*   Prime Minister thanked officials and others involved for their support to the mission.


At AARUPADAI VEEDU MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL (AVMC), Puducherry the day began at 6.30 am with taking the initiative of walking 10,000 steps. 10 faculty members and 300 students from faculty of Medicine, Nursing, Allied health and Physiotherapy participated. Most of us walked around 6000 steps at a stretch.Dr R Maharaja, Former Dean was present to encourage the staff and students. 

Students, Faculty and other staff assembled again at 9.50am to view the live launch of "Fit India Movement" by Modiji in the Annapoorani hall and auditorium of Allied health Sciences of our campus.

All staff and students took pledge to keep themselves fit and work towards Fitter India, Healthier India and Younger India.  

Various activities like Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba and Sports are integral to the curriculum of 1st year students of AVMC. With the launch of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT the facility was readily extended for students across all batches. Fitness plan for our campus was also charted out for implementation by the Dean Dr Ramachandra Reddy.  

The movement was welcomed by all

1. Viewing of Live launch of "Fit India Movement"

2. Activities

        10,000 steps

        Yoga program

        other activities

3.Sports activities program schedule