White Coat Ceremony

The white coat ceremony is celebrated in AVMC on 30.04.2022 for cloaking 150 students of First-year MBBS. This white coat ceremony was brought into practice during the year 1993 at Columbia University for all physicians and surgeons and hence it is expanded to other health professions like Physiotherapists, Nurses, etc.,  Being the ceremony into practice, The white coat ceremony was celebrated AVMC  and the program was hosted by Dr. Gopi Nath Assc. prof. The physiology department and  Dr. Manju from the biochemistry department.  Dr. P.F. Kotur  Dean, AVMC, gave the welcome address and welcomed the dignitary Dr. Renu G’Boy Varghese Director, Principal PIMS, and the freshers of the students.  Dr. Renu G’boy Varghese, Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dr. Vishnu Bhat, Dr. V.N. Mahalakshmi, and Dr. Jayasingh lighted the lamp and the chief guest watered the tulsi plant which symbolizes the growth and prosperity. Dr. Vishnu Bhat, Director of Medical Research, narrated the significance and history of the ceremony, He explained the symbolization as cleanliness, purity, and righteousness and also mentioned that it signifies respecting the other human being and pureness in the thinking and action.  All the 150 students were cloaked in white coats and were gifted with flower bouquets. Dr. V.N. Mahalakshmi administered the oath to the students and the students repeated and understood the importance of the oath.  Dr. Jawahar HOD, Pathology department introduced the chief guest.  The Chief Guest with the high priority spoke about the importance of white coats and the profession of Physicians. She highlighted it has a humanistic system and initiated the doctor profession as teamwork with the health team and how a doctor should practice the profession. She also initiated that doctors should use their 5 senses to diagnose a patient. She phrased that the diagnosis is about the clinical history and clinical examination and narrated the reason for documentation and investigation and requested the doctors to understand the financial capacity of the patients. Finally, a Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Lakshmi Jatiya, HOD, Physiology. The dignitary was honored with a shawl, memento, and flower bouquet.

For the benefit of parents, this event was live telecasted on the AVMC Youtube Channel.

Detailed Report