28 – 30 June, Workshop on Research Methodology

In collaboration, the Institutional Research Committee and Office of Dean HPE conducted Research Methodology for the Ist year PGs of AVMC from June 28, 2022, to Jun 30, 2022 Smt. Annapoorani Mini Auditorium.  This course discussed the importance of Research, Research Problems, concepts and sampling process, Data collection, analysis, and reporting. This workshop aimed to introduce research Methodology to the PGs and aid them in protocol submission.  This Research Methodology workshop was conducted for three days from 28.06.2022 to 30.06.2022.  

On Day 1, Registration and Pretest were conducted to evaluate the participants’ prior knowledge.  Dr. Ravi IRC Member secretary and            Dr. Subash Chandra Bose Asst. Prof. Community Medicine were the Facilitators. The Welcome address was given by Dr. Thumjaa Annamalai to the Dignitaries.  Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean, AVMC, Dr. B. Vishnu Bhat, Director Medical Research, Dr. Mahalakshmi V.N. Dean HPE, Dr. Thumjaa I/C PG Coordinator presented the address to the participants.  Ice Breaking session was conducted to induce critical thinking, Team Work and Communication by Dr. Manju M. HOD, Biochemistry and Dr. Melody Asst. Prof. Psychiatry.  The NMC/VMF Guidelines and Policies, course Objectives and outcome of the interactive session were given by                    Dr. P.F. Kotur.  Dr. B. Vishnu Bhat, Director of Medical Research and              Dr. Madanraj Prof. Pulmonary Medicine interacted with the participants on core components of a research protocol and How to develop a research question and generate a hypothesis. Hands-on sessions were conducted to revise the title, it’s aim and objectives by Dr. B. Vishnu Bhat. Group work and Plenary by Dr. Pushpa Kotur, Prof of I&G, Dr. J. Arun Daniel Assc. Prof. Community Medicine, Dr. Mahalakhmi V.N Dean HPE, Dr. Jawahar, Prof &HOD, Pathology and Dr. Sethumadhavan Prof. Microbiology.  Review of Literature by Dr. Pushpa Kotur and Dr. Jessy Varghese.  Hands-on session to Organise the literature search Dr. Pushpa Kotur and Team of Central Research Lab. The discussion on support and facility available at AVMC was discussed by Dr. Rajan Vice Principal and Dr. Ravi, Scientist.  Feed back of the day and plan for the day 2 activities were discussed by IRC team. 

On day 2, The session started with review of day 1 activity by Dr. Thumjaa, Prof. of Paediatrics.  Observational study design interactive lecture was discussed on descriptive studies, analytical studies and Odds ratio and relative risk by Dr. Anish Keepansaril, Prof. of O&G, JIPMER.  Dr. Richa Gupta interacted with the participants on Steps in RCT, CTRI registration, Number needed to treat and Blinding as Experimental study designs.  Qualitative study designs was discussed by Dr. Prasad, Assc. Prof. community Medicine on Differentiate quantitative, qualitative research, Types of qualitative studies, Adopting qualitative studies for PG dissertation. Group discussion and plenary, hands-on session on choose the appropriate study design for the research by Dr. B. vishnu Bhat, Director Medical Research, Dr. J. Arun Daniel Assc. Prof. Community Medicine, and team of IRC and community medicine and Dr. Siva Kaliya Moorthy, Asst. Prof. Pathology. Hands on Training on Evidence Based Medicine and Principles and practice interactive session that discussed on PRinciples of EBM, Hierarchy of Evidence, Steps in Critical appraisal by      Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean and Dr. Damayanthi Assc. Prof. DVL. Group activity and critical appraisal of scientific literature by Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean and HODs of PG department had hands-on training session and decided to email the softcopy article to the dean. Dr. Mahalakshmi V.N. Dean HPE discussed on Measuring outcomes in Clinical research. The team of IRC collected feedback on the day’s events from all the participants.

Day 3, The review of the day 2 was discussed by  Dr. Thumjaa, Prof. of Paediatrics. On topic Samplings which discussed about the Estimation of sample size, sampling methods, and sampling errors and bias was discussed by Dr. Rajan, Prof. Community Medicine.  Introduction to Biostatistics  introductory lecture by Ms. Sevvanthi Biostatistician, Dr. Ravi, Scientist and by Dr. Subash chandra Bose, Statistician.  Hands on session on sampling workshop which discussed the estimation of sample size, and method of sampling were discussed with all the participants

Dr. Thumjaa Prof. of Paediatrics and Dr. Ilankathir, Prof. Anatomy had interactive lecture on Data collection methods and tools. Dr. Vishnu Bhat, director Medical Research conducted interactive Lecture on Principles of Research Ethics.  Dr. Sethumadhavan, Prof. Microbiology lectured on Responsible conduct of research which explained the Do’s and Don’ts based on Good Clinical Practice. Dr. Ravi, Scientist and Dr. Aarthi, Central Research Lab gave demo lecture on styles of referencing and tools of referencing. Dr. Deepa Prof. of O&G lectured on Elements in the AVMC IRC Protocol and next steps. IRC team collected the Feedback on Day’s events and valedictory.  Dr. Ravi IRC Member Secretary conducted Post test to evaluate the learning outcome.