Promoting Patient Safety: NABH’s 6-Day In-House Training Program

In the realm of healthcare, ensuring patient safety is paramount. The NABH Department at AVMC recognizes the significance of this and recently organized a commendable initiative to champion patient safety. From September 17th to 25th, 2023, the NABH team conducted a 6-day in-house training program titled “Celebration of Patient Safety Programme”, aligning with the guidelines set by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

One of the program’s highlights was the display of patient rights and responsibilities and citizen charters at prominent locations within the campus. To ensure staff readiness in critical situations, mock drills for Code Red, Code Blue, and Code Pink were conducted. Later, an insightful training session was organized on medical safety, addressing crucial topics like adverse drug events, the 7 R’s of medication, etc.

To incentivize and acknowledge the efforts put forth by different departments, they were evaluated on various parameters such as infection control, record keeping, facility checks, and patient safety goals. The best-performing departments received well-deserved prizes, emphasizing the significance of ensuring patient safety.