17th April: Dissertation Writing and Conversation to Scientific Paper

On April 17th, 2024, a workshop aimed at enhancing participants’ proficiency in academic writing and publication occurred. Focused specifically on dissertations and scientific papers, the event was facilitated by experts across diverse fields. Through several sessions, attendees went through various aspects of academic writing, ranging from fundamental dos and don’ts in dissertation construction to the details of data validation and presentation techniques. Integral to the workshop was the emphasis placed on mastering intelligent reference management, adhering to formatting guidelines, and effectively communicating research findings.

The workshop concluded with an open session tailored for postgraduates, providing them with a platform to address any lingering questions or uncertainties. With the overarching objective of empowering participants with indispensable skills for success in the domain of medical research writing and presentation, the event served as a pivotal resource for advancing their academic endeavours.