fff-88 episode

Forefront of Future Frontiers Web Series 14 – Episode 88

The Scientifique society of AVMC presents the FFF webinar 14 series, 88th episode on the topic “ Health Care Economics  – An Overview” by Dr. V.N. Muralidharan, Prof., and Head of Department of Humanities and Social Science, IIT, Madras on 08.04.2022. Around 85 participants benefited from the topic discussed.  The resource person narrated about Minimizing the waste of expenditure in health care advised the health care provider and also suggested a book named Encyclopedia of Health Economics Ed. By A.J. Culyer for the students and for the availability in the library.  His resource guided the health care provider to consider the points discussed.  Dr. P.F. Kotur Dean AVMC was the Chairperson, and Dr. Deepa DMS hosted the webinar. Dr. Vishnu Bhatt Director, of Medical Research, introduced and gave thanks to Dr. V.N. Muralidharan.